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Animal Stalls

Most of the odor from animal manure/urea is generated from the conversion of ammonium (odorless) to ammonia gas and airborne nitrates and sulfates. Zeolite will absorb moisture and will hold the ammonium due to its unique properties- adsorption and cation exchange. Reducing the moisture content with zeolite also reduces the fly and maggot larvae. Zeolite can be used to control manure and urea odor of dairy cows, feeder cows, horses, hogs, poultry, pig farms and most other animals.

The amount of zeolite required to eliminate odor depends on the moisture and nitrogen content of the manure/urea. In general, 300 to 600 pounds of ZeoStore™ zeolite are used per ton of manure/urea. Hog and poultry manure are higher in nitrogen content than that of feedlot and dairy cows, therefore it would require more zeolite.

For odor, fly, and maggot control it is recommended to use zeolite as an animal feed additive Being an effective mycotoxin binder, zeolite will not only assist in odor control, but will also help to counteract animal diarrhea.

Zeolite is environmentally safe for your valuable animals, as it is a natural mineral and contains no additives of any kind. Your animal areas will smell fresh, contributing to the overall health of your animals through reduction of insects, improved cleanliness and reduced chances of infectious diseases from biological contamination from urea and fecal material.

ZeoStore™ 100% clinoptilolite zeolite is an ideal product for the stalls of your valuable farm animals and pets due to its capability of capturing ammonium nitrogen and preventing formation of ammonium that causes odor from animal waste.

Directions: place a thin layer of ZeoStore™ zeolite product in the animal stall area or cage to absorb ammonium, de-moisturize the manure, retard the development of fly larvae, and deodorize the area. Maintain area free of moisture and reapply zeolite when needed. Recycle old zeolite as an ammoniated soil amendment to lawns and gardens.

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Expert Tips: Clinoptilolite Uses in Henhouse

Crushed clinoptilolite can be used in henhouses by means of the following techniques:

  • In the first phase - deodorization- fine zeolite powder is sprinkled in the henhouse for deodorization to absorb NH3 and other gases.
  • The second phase - preparation of fertilizer- crushed clinoptilolite (25 to 30 wt. %) is mixed with wet chicken manure (75 to 80 wt. %) and scraped out from the henhouse.
  • The third phase - the mixture is fermentated for about one week, and it produces an odor free organic fertilizer with nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, organic materials, etc. After drying for one month it is supplied as a high quality granular organic fertilizer.

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